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  • OMP KS-X Kart Gloves
  • OMP KS-X Kart Gloves
  • OMP KS-X Kart Gloves
  • OMP KS-X Kart Gloves
  • OMP KS-X Kart Gloves
  • OMP KS-X Kart Gloves

OMP KS-X Kart Gloves

●FIA 8877-2022 Approved
●Exceptional fit and feel
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  • OMP KS-X Kart Gloves
  • OMP KS-X Kart Gloves
  • OMP KS-X Kart Gloves
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Elevate your karting race to professional levels with the OMP KS-X Kart Gloves. Designed to meet the stringent new FIA 8877-2022 standards, these gloves are more than just a part of your kit – they're a game-changer in the world of kart racing. With their ultra-lightweight construction and unparalleled comfort, they are set to transform how you interact with every twist and turn of the track.

The OMP KS-X Kart Gloves stand out with their exceptional blend of features, designed to enhance your racing experience:

  • Regulatory Compliance: Homologated to the new FIA 8877-2022 standards, ensuring you're equipped with gear that meets the highest safety and performance specifications.
  • Ultra-lightweight Design: Crafted from super elasticated, ultra-lightweight material, these gloves offer a snug, almost second-skin fit, reducing hand fatigue and enhancing comfort.
  • Optimal Comfort: Experience unparalleled comfort, thanks to the meticulous design and choice of materials that allow for flexibility and breathability.
  • Superior Grip: Equipped with the same super silicone grip pattern used in OMP's top-level One Evo X FIA race gloves, these gloves ensure maximum control and grip on the wheel, even in the most intense racing conditions.
  • Enhanced Fit: An elasticated wrist closure provides a secure, yet comfortable fit, ensuring the gloves stay in place, giving you one less thing to worry about as you navigate the track.
  • Advanced Material Technology: The innovative material not only contributes to the lightweight feel but also ensures durability and resilience, essential for the rigors of kart racing.

The OMP KS-X Kart Gloves are more than just protective gear; they are a key ingredient in achieving your best performance on the track. Their advanced features work in unison to provide a racing experience that's not just about speed, but also about precision, control, and comfort.

Now is the perfect opportunity to enhance your racing experience with OMP KS-X Kart Gloves. Designed for champions and crafted for performance, they are ready to join you on the track. Embrace the professional standard and feel the difference in your next race.

FIA 8877-2022 Approved

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