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  • OMP HTE One-S Carbon Seat
  • OMP HTE One-S Carbon Seat

OMP HTE One-S Carbon Seat

SKU: HA0-0801-A01-071
●FIA 8862-2009 Approved
●9.2kg in weight
●Extremely strong and lightweight
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  • OMP HTE One-S Carbon Seat
  • Description

OMP HTE One-S Carbon Seat is an ultra-lightweight and strong seat made from carbon fiber that will provide maximum resistance and lightness. The seat has high-profile side bolsters that provide increased lateral support and split leg cushions for versatile comfort.

  • Ultra-strong, lightweight, and resilient shell
  • Features 5 harness slots, removable split leg cushions, and an adjustable lumbar cushion for added comfort
  • Complies with FIA 8862-2009 homologation which gives the seat a 10-year life
  • Ideal for race and rally cars with small cockpit space

The seat features a pure carbon ultra light state-of-the-art rigid shell which features a 300% increase in strength with an integral head restraint that offers maximum protection. It is side-mounted and is compatible with all types of FHR devices and harnesses.

Please note: This seat should only be mounted using the OMP seat mount (part number HC0-0880-A02), this mount can be found here.

FIA 8862-2009 Approved

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