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Molecule Protector

●Repels water, oil, fuel, and dirt
●Reduces colour fading
●Water-based formula
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  • Molecule Protector
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Molecule Protector bonds to Nomex fabric to help repel flammable stains from oil, grease, fuel, dirt, or any other contaminants that may compromise the effectiveness of a race suit.

  • Repels dirt, oil, grease, fuel, and other contaminants
  • Helps keep your racewear clean and stain-free
  • Does not affect the flame-retardant properties of racewear
  • Easy to apply, just spray on and tumble dry

Molecule Protector also contains UV inhibitors that help reduce color fading. It even helps keep you dry in the rain. Simply spray on and tumble dry to create a durable protective coating.

This safe, water-based spray does not affect the breathability or original flame resistance of Nomex fabric. This formula helps maintain the original look, feel, and performance of Nomex racing suits. Your suit will look and perform at its best, race after race.

473ml Bottle.

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