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  • Alpinestars AK-1 Kart Body Protector
  • Alpinestars AK-1 Kart Body Protector
  • Alpinestars AK-1 Kart Body Protector
  • Alpinestars AK-1 Kart Body Protector

Alpinestars AK-1 Kart Body Protector

SKU: 6531024-123-SM
●FIA 8870-2018 Approved
●Superior protection
●Speed lace closure system
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  • Alpinestars AK-1 Kart Body Protector
  • Alpinestars AK-1 Kart Body Protector
  • Description

Take to the driver's seat with confidence in the Alpinestars AK-1 Kart Body Protector. Homologated to meet rigorous FIA 8870-2018 specifications, this karting body protector is tailored for those who take performance seriously. Designed with a focus on ergonomics, and marrying lightweight construction with comfort, it delivers safety without the bulk, ensuring that nothing holds you back as you race for the podium.

For the racer who demands excellence, the Alpinestars AK-1 offers:

  • Unmatched Safety: High-performance thermoplastic polymer chest and back protectors, coupled with thermoformed padding, meet rigorous FIA standards for race-ready security.
  • Custom Comfort Fit: Engineered with ergonomics in mind, this body protector provides a superb fit that moves with you, thanks to its pre-curved design.
  • Advanced Rib Shielding: Carbon fiber thermoset rib protectors with soft touch padding offer a new level of rib safety without restricting your racing form.
  • Ultra-Light Sensation: Super light materials allow for a nearly weightless feel, letting you focus on the race with no distractions.
  • Swift Gear-Up: The innovative speed-lace closure system ensures quick and easy fitting, getting you track-ready in seconds.
  • Personalized Adjustability: Dual adjustable elastic shoulder straps enable a tailored fit for any driver.
  • Minimized Bulk: Designed to reduce the gap between you and the seat, enhancing your connection with the kart for improved control without disrupting seat sizing.

The Alpinestars AK-1 Kart Body Protector isn't just equipment; it's your race-day advantage. With its intelligent design focused on maximum protection and minimal interference, you can focus solely on the finish line. The protector's advanced materials and construction techniques work in concert to deliver the outcome every racer seeks the synthesis of speed, comfort, and safety.

For the karting enthusiast looking to merge exceptional safety with peak performance, the Alpinestars AK-1 Kart Body Protector is a prime choice. It’s a testament to the blend of innovation and practicality, a piece of gear that excels in the heat of the race. If you're serious about karting, now’s the time to secure the advantage that comes with this cutting-edge protection. Make it a part of your racing regime and feel the difference from the first lap.

FIA 8870-2018 Approved


Youth S/M - 22-28" (55.5-70.5cm) Chest / 116-134cm Height
Youth L/XL - 27-33" (68-83.5cm) Chest / 134-152cm Height
XXS/XS - 30-35" (75.5-89cm) Chest / 152-170cm Height
S/M - 33-40" (83.5-100cm) Chest / 170-188cm Height
L/XL - 38-44" (95.5-111cm) Chest / 170-188cm Height

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