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Understanding FIA 8877-2022: The Future of Karting Safety Gear
By startoneracing March 12th, 2024 0 reviews

In the evolving world of kart racing, safety is paramount. The International Automobile Federation (FIA) has recently introduced a new set of regulations specifically targeting karting apparel safety equipment: the FIA Standard 8877-2022. This initiative is set to revolutionize the landscape of safety gear, ensuring that kart racers are equipped with the latest in protective technology.

What's New in FIA Standard 8877-2022?

The most significant change comes in the form of kart racing suits. The FIA has moved from the traditional LEVEL classification to a more nuanced GRADE system. This shift is not merely superficial; it reflects a significant enhancement in safety standards. A noteworthy update is the adoption of a new abrasion test method, transitioning from the EN13595-2 Cambridge abrasion test to the EN17092 Damstadt abrasion test. This alignment with motorcycle protective gear standards ensures higher durability and protection for kart suits, crucial for safeguarding racers in unpredictable accidents. The previous LEVEL gradings will be phased out in favor of the new GRADE standards.

The GRADE System Explained

GRADE 1: Replacing the previous LEVEL 2, GRADE 1 sets a new baseline for kart suit protection. Examples include the Alpinestars KMX-5 V3 and Alpinestars KMX-9 V3. These GRADE 1 certified suits are available through START ONE RACING's official Taobao store or website.

GRADE 2: A groundbreaking addition is the GRADE 2 certification, similar in protective quality to motorcycle leather jackets and designed for extended use. GRADE 2 represents the pinnacle of safety, meeting the evolving demands of kart racing.

Mandatory Certification for Gloves and Shoes

The FIA has extended its regulatory reach to include karting gloves and shoes, both of which now require certification. These items will feature laser tags similar to those on FIA fire-resistant gear, raising the barrier against counterfeit products. Different gloves and shoes are offered, such as the Alpinestars Tech 1-K V3 karting gloves and OMP KS-XR racing shoes. Unlike racing suits, gloves and shoes have a single certification standard.

Key Dates to Remember

June 29, 2022: Testing begins for manufacturers to certify karting suits, gloves, and shoes according to FIA Standard 8877-2022.
January 1, 2024: New regulations introduced at FIA-certified events, allowing for a transition period where both CIK-FIA 2013-1 and FIA Standard 8877-2022 certified gear can be used.
December 31, 2024: Production ceases for gear manufactured under the CIK-FIA 2023-1 level 2 standard, with a final expiry date set for December 13, 2029.
January 2, 2025: Mandatory certification enforced for all karting competitions on the FIA calendar, with gloves and shoes produced according to the 8877-2022 standard becoming a requirement.

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