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Choosing the Perfect Racing Gloves and Boots
By startoneracing April 18th, 2024 0 reviews

As you suit up with the latest racewear, your safety ensemble wouldn't be complete without a pair of high-quality racing gloves and boots. Essential for both protection and performance, these items are your best allies on the track. Here’s what to consider when selecting these critical pieces of gear.

Racing Gloves
: Grip and Safety

For all motorsport enthusiasts, whether amateur or professional, gloves are not just about fire protection—they enhance your control and interaction with your vehicle. When choosing gloves, consider the following:

Grip: Opt for materials like suede, leather, or silicone to ensure maximum steering control. Look for designs that feature strategic grip placements on palms and fingers to improve dexterity and contact.

Comfort and Fit: High-end gloves often have external seams to reduce pressure points on fingers—a crucial detail when gripping the steering wheel. Pre-curved fingers can also reduce resistance, enhancing comfort significantly.

Safety Standards: Following FIA regulations, like the FIA 8856-2018 standard, ensures your gloves meet the necessary safety requirements. Enhanced materials used in professional levels, such as in F1, offer increased protection against heat and fire.

Racing Boots
: Functionality and Comfort

Boots are as vital as gloves when it comes to racing gear, designed not only for safety but also for precise footwork control.


Feel and Performance: Modern racing boots provide excellent ankle support while allowing flexibility for pedal control. Opt for boots with thinner soles for a more natural pedal feel, which can lead to smoother driving.


Material and Build: Durable materials like suede and high-grade leather ensure both comfort and longevity. Features like reinforced sections and Velcro straps can enhance both durability and fit.

Sizing Tips: Racing boots should fit snugly to avoid shifting and maintain pedal feel. They tend to run smaller, so consider sizing up for the best fit.


With the right gloves and boots, you're not just protected; you're equipped to maximize your control and performance on the race track. Every detail counts in the race for excellence.

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